Waboba ExtremeAustin is HOT. I get asked all the time, “How do you guys survive the summers? It’s so hot!” Well, we pretty much go from water activity to water activity. Pools, creeks, lakes, springs, rivers, waterfalls, etc. That’s the secret. But what do you do once you get there? I try to make the activity last AT LEAST as long as it took to get there (you parents know what I mean).

The one water toy that we now use the most often is the Waboba Ball. It’s a racquetball-sized squishy ball that skips across the water like a skipping stone. You throw it with a sidearm motion and it just skips forever – it’s just super easy to throw. Wherever we go, we get a crowd of kids wanting to try it. I think I like it most because we can use it anywhere with water – pools, rivers, etc. I highly recommend it.

There are several versions of the Waboba Ball – we use the Waboba Extreme. Apparently the Waboba Pro version goes the farthest and the Waboba Extreme version is the bounciest. Ours goes plenty far – believe me.

Interested in getting a Waboba Ball of your own? Here are a couple Amazon links:
Waboba Extreme Brights
Play Visions Play Visions Water Bouncer (A generic version that works just a well if you don’t need free shipping)
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