This adventure is why I started this website. We ended up finding this spot by joining a Meetup for a family rock climbing adventure and liked the area so much, we came back a few weeks later (so the pictures are from both). It occurred to me that everyone knows cool spots like this but there isn’t a community to share them. Hopefully this site can become that community.

Reimers Ranch is right next door to it’s well-known neighbor – Hamilton Pool. It is a different type of experience, but super cool and is so much less crowded. It’s known for world-class rock climbing and awesome mountain biking trails, but with 3 miles of Pedernales River waterfront, there are lots of great swimming spots.

More rock climbing at Reimer's RanchI had joined the Austin Family Rock Climbing Meetup group several months ago, but finally my schedule lined up and we were able to join one of their FREE rock climbing outings. It was so much fun! Brent, the leader, brought all the equipment – harnesses, ropes, etc – we just brought provisions (but should have brought some rock climbing shoes). I’d highly recommend joining them for an adventure of your own. They were super nice and took great care of my boys.

Waterfall climbersThe climbing was great, but the hike down to the climbing area was the amazing part. You follow a small trail off the parking lot and drop into a small ravine carved out by a creek leading down to the river (see the map below for the particulars). The trail went under limestone overhangs (see the pictures below) and back and forth across a running stream. It was fantastic. After the rock climbing, we followed the stream over several waterfalls down to the Pedernales River. On our return trip, we just spent the day exploring and cooling off in that same creek – with all the rain we’ve had this summer, it was spectacular.

In addition to the part of park we enjoyed, Reimers Ranch has lots of others areas to explore. We hope to make a return visit soon. Some of the other Reimers Ranch activities include:

  • Rock climbing
  • Mountain biking
  • Swimming –  almost 3 miles of continuous frontage along the Pedernales River
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Equestrian trail riding.

For more information on the park, including hours and rates, see the Travis County Reimers Ranch Park page.

See below for a gallery of images, a Google Map of the things to check out, and the review summary.
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For other activities in the Austin area, see our Austin Bucket List or our Austin Family Fun Map.

“Other than extensive hiking trails and giant mountains, there is so much to do. You can go rock climbing on some of the most challenging but fun areas all around the park. You can go swimming (sometimes) in the Pedernales River, or what for the kids can be a little boring sometimes, but you can walk or bike the the amazing park, the luscious trails and see the wonders of nature, trees tall as the eye can see, waterfalls as beautiful as a goddess. And rock as strong and a bridge. “

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” It’s a great place with rock climbing, hiking and swimming. I loved it.”

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