My boys love to be outside over the summer, but sometimes it’s nice to be a break from the heat. Bowling is one of the most requested options in my household, but it’s fairly expensive. Luckily, several Austin bowling alleys offer free bowling over the summer. (one of my favorite local sites) posted a nice list of the free bowling options in Austin over summer 2016 this week. Westgate Lanes is the closest to us in South Austin and is on the list! Here is a link to their coupon. Enjoy! It’s a savings of $3.50/person for the first free game.

Pro Tip: At Westgate Lanes they actually have a punch card for the kids that you can ask for.

Note: Shoes are NOT free and cost $3/pair at Westgate Lanes. Still worth it I think since you save $3.50/per person (for that first game). If I could only find a couple pair of cheap, used, bowling shoes…

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